The Maxwell Medium (Aether) is the Dark Energy Universe, the Electron is in balance with Space

Extract from the “Teoria dello Spazio Quantizzato” (published in 1994) by Francesco Santandrea and Pierluigi Cirilli

Another interesting consideration is the relationship between the kinetic energy of a thin spherical layer of radius R in which we imagine concentrated the whole mass of the electron, launched at the speed of light, this is exactly equal to half the energy of the mass of an electron e = mc ^2.

(At the radius R it is assigned the value of the Compton wavelength of the electron divided by 2π)

The moment of inertia of a thin spherical crust is:


we now consider the speed ‘c equal device in each point of the sphere, we can associate to this case the moment of inertia of a cylinder of infinitesimal thickness that is equal to:


developing through:


we obtain:


which happens to be equal to half of the energy of the electron e = mc ^ 2.

Already this result tells us that as the increase in mass of electrons fired at a velocity v does not have a logical response, but this increase must be seen only in terms of energy, and referring back to the concept of “space reaction” brings us to hypothesize some very interesting things about the nature of the electron, but proceed in order.

At this point we can ask where is it the other half ‘of the energy that he put in “motion” or rather that it has put in place.

The answer may be simply: the Universe! And we complete this by saying that half of the energy has helped to “build” or better generate the space.

From this conclusion we can deduce that the Universe Dark Energy is Space, the Electron is in perfect balance / equilibrium with the space and can be considered the natural resonance frequency of the space itself 

Remember, what we wrote in the introductory page of SPAZIONICA : “Space is not vacuum, but a medium, a physical entity, the physical entity for excellence, and its the result of the crossing of the electromagnetic waves “