A Toy Theory for a Theory of Everything

A preliminary philosophical article

By Pierluigi Cirilli & Francesco Santandrea

 (Edition 1.1 dated the 24 May 2015)

Currently, all manifestations of the physical reality cannot be interpreted within a general theory. Scientific community has been searched for long time for a Theory of Everything. Up to 90s, the impossibility of formulating such theory caused substantial embarrassment. More recently, the topic suffered a complete loss of interest. The present work, on the contrary, aims to come to the formulation of a Theory of Everything through the expedient of a Toy Theory. From this point of view, the only possible way is that of leading science back to its wider, original, philosophical field


Fields assumed in the model (scalar, tensorial and spinorial) in their current development in the Universe consisting of Space and Time in dimension 4 + 4.


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