Industrial Research and Innovation


We are a group of technical consultants and professional researchers who have been working for 25 years on the engineering of industrial products and systems and on technical-scientific topics in collaboration with public and private companies, some of the sectors of interest:

  • Motors and electromagnetic devices with reduced energy consumption
  • Sensors and ecological systems for the recognition of materials and waste recycling
  • Systems for monitoring consumption and electricity in the industrial sector

Research and Innovation in Frontier areas

The multidisciplinary experience acquired, curiosity and passion for science has prompted us to use part of our resources and our time in frontier scientific fields both at a theoretical and experimental level, we are holders of experimental setups and original ideas that we are developing:

  • Identification of reactions and apparatuses for direct conversion of matter / electricity and Spatial Propulsion without mass emission
  • Unification of Sciences
  • New atomic and cosmological models

You can contact us at Email:

    Francesco Santandrea (Founder of SPAZIONICA.ORG)

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Since 1980 I professionally deal with Research, Development and technical-scientific topics, I am Systems Analyst and Hardware, Firmware and Software Designer, on Analogue Electronics, Digital Electronics, sensors, boards and complete systems.

In 1990 together with some colleagues I started to work in frontier scientific areas: Cold Fusion, LENR, PNNE, Unification Theories, etc .;

Over the years I have collaborated voluntarily with various Scientists, Researchers and Inventors providing them with both ideas and technical advice and technical-scientific equipment, in collaborations I have not been valued and recognized (also because they are not understood), so I preferred to withdraw from inadequate and limiting contexts by continuing to study and experiment with a small group of collaborators with whom I am coming to perfect new interesting areas and mental categorizations that are leading us to a unified understanding of the global nature which consequently has opened the way to new technological applications that we are realizing.

Franco IvaldiFranco Ivaldi  (Supervisor and Collaborator- Public Relations)

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Since the early 70s I worked as a researcher at the ENEA then CNEN, designer plants, Mechanics and Robotics in the Merger of Frascati department based in Saluggia, I was a collaborator of Prof. Bruno Coppi of the MIT system Ignitor, I designed various equipment for experiments Cold Fusion used ENEA Frascati.

Throughout my life I have deepened and carried out studies of the physical linked to the basic structure of matter and methods for extracting energy from crystal structures, issues related to LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reaction).

Giovanni TurcoGiovanni Turco (Collaborator)

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In 2000 I graduated in Chemistry with honors at Padua University. I worked at the Microsystems Division of the Institute for Scientific Research and Technological ITC (current  Bruno Kessler Foundation – FBK).

Now I am a programmer and I analize manufacturing data for a private industry. For many years I have been interested in systems and technologies for power generation and I am cooperating with SPAZIONICA.ORG sharing ideas, hypotheses and experimental and theoretical proposals.

Since 2011 I take care of the blog “Scienza Laterale” (“Boundary Science”). Its apparent controversial name borns from the desire to speak about scientific topics from a different and unconventional point of view using a simple but rigorous language to let available notions and principles that otherwise would be understood by insiders only.