The Nuclearization, from space to Electron and Proton (Nucleons)

Nothing could be simpler! Charge and mass are compressed space (nodes / current loops), stationary electromagnetic fields in a state of resonance.

We are faced with the nuclearization of space: Electron, Proton, Neutron, Deuterium, Tritium, Helium etc. are resonances (spatial harmonics) of the fundamental frequency of space identified in the Compton wavelength of the electron

λe = 2.4263 * 10 ^ -12 m ,  or frequency equal to  c/λe ,   f e = 1.23559 * 10 ^ 20 Hz.

The particles and matter are stationary electromagnetic fields, “electromagnetic objects”

It is clear that space is not matter, but returns the concept of ‘ether’ we can better define it charged or neutral substance or Space-Time.

Space has a dynamic response to excitation that together with the mechanism / Phenomenon of Resonance generates or better appears as charge and matter, this entails a description of physical reality without dualisms (unified) and very elegant at the same time .

In this new role Space it must in all respects be regarded a ‘physical entity’, the physical entity for excellence, based substrate from which come to life all the phenomena of the physical reality.

With these remarks would break the current schemes, there simply had not realized it would be more useful and generalizing find the rules and conceptualize the ‘particle’ phenomenon rather than continue to look for new particles; this is simply what was done.

The existence of the particles do not depend on their own but is due to the electromagnetic characteristics of the space that allows and regulates the existence.

Dualism wave-matter can be resolved by the Maxwellian evidence; the electrical and magnetic properties of Space occur mutually and dynamically linked; the dynamic link between the electric field and magnetic field of the space thus allows a resonant frequency or more properly a volume or place of Space, where the magnetic field derived by a rising electric field bends the space and self-sustaining (traps) in resonance, the electrical disturbance nascent generating the electron (first resonance).

The different modes of existence of the photon, the electron and the proton (wave, charge, mass), can be so placed in relation very simply noting the fact that the Lorentz force curves the space, then electron and proton can be designed as electromagnetic resonances in local equilibrium.

In other words the ‘Lorentz Curvature’ implies the possibility that a rising electromagnetic perturbation may be ‘auto-trapped’ by Lorentz force and assume the appearances of a nucleus charge / mass  through the resonance mechanism.

This nucleation phenomenon or resonance of the space is redundant and then the proton / nucleon can in turn be seen as second harmonic (resonance) of the electron in space.

From here the elements of the periodic table: Hydrogen, Deuterium, Tritium, Helium, etc.. etc., they can be considered the ‘harmonics’ of the first resonance.