REACTOR C0 LENR (Preliminary Tests)

The LENR reactor type C0 is constituted by a ceramic cylinder about of 30 mm diameter and 100 mm of lenght, where inside is placed the active material, mainly made from constantan wire and other metals and alloy subjected preventively to oxidation with high current pulses and/or dc current in the air, the cylinder is wrapped in a copper welden for transferring the heat produced as shown in the picture below:


the active material is held within 2 electrodes through two springs that with suitable shape guarantee contact, in order to improve the heat exchange the ceramic cylinder before being inserted in the welden has been clad with Aluminium foil.

In the following photos are shown the exterior covering of the welden with aluminum foil and thermal insulation



Experiment step :

  • Emptying the chamber at about 10 ^ -2 mBar of air
  • Starting with current heating in the continuous 50-200W range for about 30 minutes
    (In this phase the flow calorimeter gradually get to show a COP of between 0.8 – 0.9)
  • Entering Hydrogen sub-atmospheric pressure (up to 20 mbar)

Following the issue of hydrogen instant COP fast rises to 8-9 (in some sessions has reached over 10), before after a few minutes falling to 1.2 – 1.4, the best result of the overall COP obtained for long sessions are 1.2 – 1.4.

A short video on YouTube